So it took some time but Gareth finally understood that vacation was not just San Anna Tonio (San Antonio in 3 year old speak). We went to Fiesta Texas and Sea World. We had a wonderful time. When you see Gareth make sure to ask him about Uncle Max. He will tell you all about him and the Sea Lions or Sea Seals as they are also known as. Click on the picture below to see many more photos of the bacation.


Here are the pictures that Gareth took with his $1 disposable camera. Not bad for the first time! Click on the picture below to see more.


Love this picture of my little man.


We were going to school yesterday and Gareth comments from the back “Mama, I like Jesus more than God.” I kept a straight face the best I could and asked why. He said because you pray to Jesus not God. And there you have it.

We went out and got some pictures in the blue bonnet. The first is Gareth and his cousin Alyssa the next is with Granna and Grandad.



I know there are some things you say you are never going to do, but then you do them. I mean he just looks so handsome. Just now found the pictures we got of Gareth in his Easter outfit.



So we were visiting a new church called “Elevate” and they were celebrating their first year. They had a quick carnival and lunch after service. Several of our friends attend. Dennis and Shelly are actually the kids Pastors. Well it was a bit warm and Rylan was getting tired, so Travis said lets go home. I told Travis “I think Gareth is going to win the bike.” Sure enough he did. Check him out on his new bike! Now we need a helmet. img_1605.jpg img_1604.jpg

One more to add to the list of  lyrics that were misheard. Gareth was trying to sing “I’m in the Lords Army”. Gareth has created a re-mix “I am the Lord of me”.

This video compilation was actually filmed back in August at Reggie and Tamra’s wedding reception.  I just never got around to uploading it till now.  A big thank you goes out to Rick Rutherford for filming this and getting it to us.  Now, sit back and enjoy to show.

Gareth Busting a Move (flv, 15.5MB)

So Gareth and Rylan love to take baths togther. The last body part we wash is our te te and bo bo. Gareth looks at Rylan and says “Mom Rylan doesn’t have a te te.” I said “well she has a girl te te.” He looks at her and then looks back at me and says “Mine’s bigger.”

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