We went out and got some pictures in the blue bonnet. The first is Gareth and his cousin Alyssa the next is with Granna and Grandad.



I know there are some things you say you are never going to do, but then you do them. I mean he just looks so handsome. Just now found the pictures we got of Gareth in his Easter outfit.



So we were visiting a new church called “Elevate” and they were celebrating their first year. They had a quick carnival and lunch after service. Several of our friends attend. Dennis and Shelly are actually the kids Pastors. Well it was a bit warm and Rylan was getting tired, so Travis said lets go home. I told Travis “I think Gareth is going to win the bike.” Sure enough he did. Check him out on his new bike! Now we need a helmet. img_1605.jpg img_1604.jpg

One more to add to the list of  lyrics that were misheard. Gareth was trying to sing “I’m in the Lords Army”. Gareth has created a re-mix “I am the Lord of me”.

So Gareth and Rylan love to take baths togther. The last body part we wash is our te te and bo bo. Gareth looks at Rylan and says “Mom Rylan doesn’t have a te te.” I said “well she has a girl te te.” He looks at her and then looks back at me and says “Mine’s bigger.”

Here are our two sweet hearts in their Valentine outfits.

img_1590 img_1585

So I don’t blog much, but I might start. I was admiring my friend Kasey’s blog and thinking I’ve got to start getting some of this stuff down.

So Gareth is a very picky eater and we have to really stay on him to eat. So the other night he had candy on the table from his class party and he was eating something heathlier in a bowl. He looked at me and said “Mom if I eat 2 bites of this can I have candy, Is that a deal? I refrained from laughing and said “No deal”. He continued to eat what was in his bowl.

So Gareth told me he was hungry as we were leaving school today. I told him we were going home and asked what he wanted to eat. He stopped at the door and looked at me and said “I don’t want to go home I want to go to Posados.” This was the first time Gareth specifically asked to go to Posados. He has such good taste.

We had Gareth’s First Birthday Party this Saturday. He was the center of attention. He also likes cake. He went face first. Please send us pictures you might have taken at the party. We ran video and didn’t take a lot of pictures.

UPDATE: Here’s the video everybody’s been wanting to see for the past 2 months…
Gareth’s First Birthday (wmv, 7.5MB)

Gareth is trying to feed himself now. He will take the spoon and direct it to his month. We put a bit of food on it and off it goes toward the mouth. Some times it hits it’s mark others not so much.

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