Gareth was just sitting reading/playing with a book when he announced that he ‘had to go potty.’  As he headed to the bathroom, he mentioned that he was taking the book with him.  So apparently that male trait is inherent and starts early in life!

On Monday Gareth had his ‘well child checkup’ with Dr. Betty.  His official stats were:

  • Weight: 33lbs
  • Height: 39.5in (3ft 3.5in)

He’s just shy of the 50th percentile for both measurements, but Dr. Betty said he looks great and will probably (hopefully) have an increased appetite in the next year or so which should help get his weight up.

He, of course, amazed her with his vocabulary and knowledge.  We all know how smart he is!

Today is Gareth’s 4th birthday.  He’s growing up so fast.  We can’t believe he starts ‘big school’ in just one more year!

Yesterday we celebrated his birthday with friends and family at the Wiggly Play Center.  Anyone who knows Gareth knows how much he loves The Wiggles, so of course, he had a blast.  Unfortunately there’s a bug going around school and several of our RSVPs ended up sick and stuck at home.  We sure missed them.

You can check out the pictures in the gallery.

Here’s a couple video clips of the fun Gareth and friends had yesterday.

Gareth’s 4th Birthday Party (flv, 50MB)
Gareth Playing the Drums (flv, 5.5MB)

Gareth was lamenting that his silly friend Ryan T was on bacation.

This video compilation was actually filmed back in August at Reggie and Tamra’s wedding reception.  I just never got around to uploading it till now.  A big thank you goes out to Rick Rutherford for filming this and getting it to us.  Now, sit back and enjoy to show.

Gareth Busting a Move (flv, 15.5MB)

Just check out the montage video below to see what I mean.

Gareth Having Fun (flv, 13MB)

So I gave Gareth some Benadryl this morning because, like all of us in Texas lately, he had some sniffling and runny nose issues because of the crazy weather around here.  So after swallowing it, he asked, “what’s this medicine for daddy?”  I said, “It’s for your runny nose,” to which he responded, “But I put it in my mouth!”  Of course I was just floored.  How could I argue with that logic!

He’s growing up fast.  He’s become much more aware of his environment lately and begun commenting on the world around him.  Sometimes his insight just amazes us.

Ahoy there me maties!  The rest of the pictures are in the gallery.

IMG_1393  IMG_1406  IMG_1408  IMG_1410

Gareth’s first school pictures were taken about a month ago.  We just got them in the other day and they look awesome!  Check ’em out.

So Gareth was building with his blocks today and I asked him what he was building.  First, he said it was “Humpy Dumpy’s wall” (yes, I know there are supposed to be “t’s” in there….not so much when he says it).

So then Brandy compliments him on the “great wall” to which he responds “It’s my China wall.”  Now how many 3 year olds do you know that talk about the Great Wall of China?  Really!  We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.  Anybody want to fess up to telling him about the Great Wall?  We’re stumped.


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