We got these cute sand molds at Walgreens of famous landmarks. We then went and saw “How to Train your Dragon”



So every year I get to take off two weeks at a time. So this year for 1 of the weeks we had a staycation. The first day we went to the circus!


I had off two weeks in Nov. so Gareth and I took in the Heard Museum in McKinney. They have robotic dinosaurs!


Rylan was Piglet and Gareth went as Tigger I tried to get Travis to dress up as the Winnie-The-Pooh, but he wouldn’t go for it!


Not really, but it would have made a better story. So Gareth, being Gareth, was running full force at school today and went head on into the fort. The story is the stair to the fort was still standing and Gareth had a busted nose to show for the run in.


Not to mention the splinter he had in his hand. It finally had to be taken out with a credit card and tweezer. It was a rough day for Gareth.  But nothing rice krispee treats and a coke can’t take care of.


So it took some time but Gareth finally understood that vacation was not just San Anna Tonio (San Antonio in 3 year old speak). We went to Fiesta Texas and Sea World. We had a wonderful time. When you see Gareth make sure to ask him about Uncle Max. He will tell you all about him and the Sea Lions or Sea Seals as they are also known as. Click on the picture below to see many more photos of the bacation.


Here are the pictures that Gareth took with his $1 disposable camera. Not bad for the first time! Click on the picture below to see more.


Love this picture of my little man.


We were going to school yesterday and Gareth comments from the back “Mama, I like Jesus more than God.” I kept a straight face the best I could and asked why. He said because you pray to Jesus not God. And there you have it.

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